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Pakistani real beauty,her name is Fiza arif from karachi...

Many people use daily internet for fun,but i think you not know why they use internet,i tell you today that 60% people comes on net for chating and dating,and only 40% poeple come for knowlege and come learn for new things,we dont know that why people like dating every time,this is big question for all and us,we want to know this answer,but we not found it,well my name is fiza arif and i m from karachi pakistan,my "age" is "20" years i have many friends on net and i have many boyfriends,but i always search new friends on

Pakistani girls Fashion of 2014

Pakistani girls like fashion and new dress always,this girl also like new dress fashion desining and much more new,pk is the popular of new saare fashion and other new fashions,india is also famous for fashion,and dubai is more popular then,mumbai dehli and islamabad,paki girls always new desinging fashion and other new,you can see also new models fashion on net,this girl is in shalwar kameez and,and this is simple fashion of lahore and karachi and hyderabad and other countires....

Create hosted account for your blogspot free..

today google change there adsense policy,and they closed publisher account for webmaster and many people are upset wich work on internet,google banned 92% account in pakistan and in india,many people thinks that this google policy is only for pk & india,but thats wrong,i m blogging since 2005,this new terms and policy is for all countires,but i think this good for webmastes,now only real webmasters can get google adsense publisher and hosted account for there blogs,i saw many times here,many webmaster buy adsense